My Birthday

before the party

On the oncoming thursday it is my Birthday! I’m so exited, I can’t wait. I’m having a party at the aquatic centre on friday. Tomorrow I’m going to Celabrtion cakessend out all the envitations . I’m inviting ten people including me and my little brother. The thing I mostly want is money because I want to save up and get a wii or it could go to getting a new bike. If I get twenty dolars from all the kids I would get 160 dollars. and that would be a really go contribuation.

After the party

I had such a great party! And all my friends said they did to but two of them didn’t come for different reasons. I’ll give you a run down of my party. when first got there I was super exicted about it all. Then I went to were we where going to have it and though the room was more then i expect, it was great. My to friends Phil and Danny where in the lobby all redy waiting for me so I told them to put there stuff in the party room. And  then come out and wait with me for the other friends and we ate and had presents then went in to the pool to play!