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inkspell1Hi, I read a book called Inkspell it’s the sequel to Inkheart. This series is about these people called Sillvertounges they can read living creatures from and to books. The book is Called Inkheart that they Keep reading people out of. The Characters in this story are.

  • Mo(silvertongue)
  • Meggie
  • Resa Dustfinger
  • Roxane
  • Fenogli
  • Black prince
  • Adderhead
  • Coismo
  • farid

This is meggie talking , they where living at Elanors house for over a year since I was in Caprcorns village but it all semes like it was yesterday and it always haunts and I don’t sleep easy any more. that was what Meggie was thinking When the book started.

I rate this book                                                  


This book is called Rose. It’s the very last bone book by Jeff smith. If you don’t know what the bones series is. It is Roseabout how these bones got kicked out of Boneville. They come to a distant valley that they haven’t heard of before. They get mixed up in a lot of adventures. The last book is reflected on a crazy old cow women when she was princes in old time.

It’s about how she goes to a place called old man’s cave for testing in veni-yan. Well she is in the dreaming world she lets a Rouge dragon go. This dragon is the river dragon,  it starts to terrorize towns and make the people his slave. Princes rose loers the dragon to the river then slays the river dragon. The main Characters are

  • princes Rose
  • princes briar
  • captain of the guards
  • veni-yan Master
  • king
  • Queen
  • river Dragon
  • these where some of the Charicters of the book  this book
  • would be good for any one from 8-13

I rate this book


Hi, I read a  book called Ink Death this is the seaquel to inkspell witch is posted up top. This book is how every one in this book all Got wound up all in the Inkheart. At first they think of it as just some words written on paper but that soon changes when they figure out that every liveing dies just like in there old world it’s same circle of life. there many ups andowns to this story and you can never guess whats aaround the Corner aome time every thing is happy and glad like there is nthing wrong in this world but there is other times that feel so dark and terible that they wish they could just close there eyes and everything is all right but in the end they will always come to be together one way or another.

I give this book                  becase it is such a good book.

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  1. Hi Mason,
    This book is really good because they talk about way before she was an grandma and she is really young. What would you rate this book out of five stars and why would you rate it like that? Do you have all ten books?

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