History of the Hells angels

The Hell’s Angel’s is one of the biggest and most powerful motorcycle clubs in the world. They started on March 17th 1948. It was founded in San Bernardine in the United States. This club is believed that WWII members started this gang becasue they still wanted the excitement.

To become a Hells Angel you need to have must be male, white, have a valid drivers license, have a working motorcycle and cannot be a child molester or have not applied to become a police officer or prison guard. These are all safety precautions for the Hell’s Angels so the police don’t get in. Most north American charters have to have american made bikes such as Harley Davidson.

In the fifties more chapters started to grow. More charters popped up in but had nothing to do with each other. Then they finally united after a few years and they laid down the law on the criteria of admission.

The Hell’s Angels quickly grew and they finally went international in 1961 as charters were building up outside of California and they even went as far as Auckland, New Zealand. On July 30th 1996 the first charter to ever be in Europe was excepted in London, England and now it’s grown so much that there is 125 charters in Europe today, over 3 times as much in Canada. They continued growing even more and in 1996 they finally went into Africa. They put there first charter into Eastern Europe in 2000 and more countries found that they had a charter in their country and sometimes in their home town.

3 thoughts on “History of the Hells angels

  1. Hey Mason!
    This a really interesting post how did you find out about the “Hells Angels”? I would really like to learn more about it! By the way, Shivers.

  2. Hi again mason! Okay so on the way some were a few weeks ago me and my step dad saw a very big group of Hells angels! So I think we might have a charter here in Courtney! Also when we past them my stepdad said “Layne don’t flip them the finger or the head lines will say: Son and step dad killed by angels!”
    Just thought you would be interested in this!

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