Dirt Jumping

Hi, if you are  wondering what dirt jumping is, It’s when you use your mountain bike  and do jumps or drops.  It’s the most coolest thing you get to soar through the air and you hit the ground with a big thump! And sometimes there are more jumps then just one, in a row there are usually very many in a row. If your with friends when your biking you do the jumps one behind the High,other, Its called a train. When your doing jumps there are very different sizes of jumps some are  big and some are small. The bigger they are harder and scarier they are they also have gaps with landings. That’s dirt jumping, Thanks.





Tom Grundy Photo’s

4 thoughts on “Dirt Jumping

  1. Hi Mason. I go of rollers on my bike, except last time I tried I got a very bad cut on my knee. Have you ever done that?

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  3. Hi Mason!
    I love dirt jumping too! I don’t do a whole wack of tricks, although I do stuff like donkey kicks and stuff. The thing I love is flying in the air for a couple of seconds, then hitting the ground hard.

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