” if you want peace work for justice”

I don’t agree nor dis agree. sometimes police make situations more violent.Without police there would would be no  one to enforce the law . Therefore we need them, the world would be in chaos  and every second of someones life would be in danger. what is your opinion.

In your own world

The birds singing and the wind whistling

The trees moaning and groaning

The deer prancing and dancing

The trillium white as  the snow

Dasie’s thrown around the forest

And the blue sky blowing bye

By: Mason

History of the Hells angels

The Hell’s Angel’s is one of the biggest and most powerful motorcycle clubs in the world. They started on March 17th 1948. It was founded in San Bernardine in the United States. This club is believed that WWII members started this gang becasue they still wanted the excitement.

To become a Hells Angel you need to have must be male, white, have a valid drivers license, have a working motorcycle and cannot be a child molester or have not applied to become a police officer or prison guard. These are all safety precautions for the Hell’s Angels so the police don’t get in. Most north American charters have to have american made bikes such as Harley Davidson.

In the fifties more chapters started to grow. More charters popped up in but had nothing to do with each other. Then they finally united after a few years and they laid down the law on the criteria of admission.

The Hell’s Angels quickly grew and they finally went international in 1961 as charters were building up outside of California and they even went as far as Auckland, New Zealand. On July 30th 1996 the first charter to ever be in Europe was excepted in London, England and now it’s grown so much that there is 125 charters in Europe today, over 3 times as much in Canada. They continued growing even more and in 1996 they finally went into Africa. They put there first charter into Eastern Europe in 2000 and more countries found that they had a charter in their country and sometimes in their home town.

Shreding the Powder

On Spring break I was snowboarding up mount Washington.  My family and I where up the mountain on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We where only Snowboarding on Thursday evening and Friday Afternoon. on the first day evening we took nice and easy just on the green,  reasons: We haven’t been up for two years and the other reason is the only two runs open was the green and the yellow. So we took it easy just warming up for the next day. I had a great time that night except I lost my super good pair of Scott goggles.

The next day we woke up and looked out the window and saw white, It was a blizzard outside. At thirty we were just going on the Green Chair with my Mom, my Brother and I. We did two runs on the Green then move to the Hawk Six pack run. My little brother had never gone down the Hawk so we had to do the easy way through the sunset twice and we were doing this all well it is a blizzard. Then we went  down and found our friends and then went down the Sunset again. When we got to the bottom it was nearly closing so my Mom and I Went down the Hawk twice.Well we were going up the Chair the blizzard got worst and we could barley see. The first time going down the Hawk again we went a bit harder going. We went down first the Reverse Traverse then turning off to Jacks and finally to the last of the Sunset and out. The  next time we went strait down reverse Traverse then we  got to a two way turning one was going to the face of the Hawk the other to the Sunset, the face of the Hawk had to much powder on it so we went down to the Sunset and out.

Today we have to leave. It is not Snowing any more but do have a little bit of time so we are going sledding. we are sledding on cat track. Then I got the best idea every going up a really steep hill that the cats made it was the best idea ever, it was so much fun. and then my Mom gave us the bad news that I new would come, we have to go.

New things to try out

do you have a bored afternoon to often well i’m going to give you some tips to try out.

  • If you have a public pool you could check the scheal for when it is on, Ands ask your friends to join you it’s always more fun when your with someone you like.
  • Somthing else to try out is go to a beach or forest near you with somone in your family or a friend is building forts.
  • Somthing I love doing is dirt jumping if you haven’t tryed it do, and also check your bike before you do just in case.
  • Another thing to try is to go to a park near you with some friends and it’s really easy have fun.
  • another thing is to go dirtbiking you can go rent some

My Birthday

before the party

On the oncoming thursday it is my Birthday! I’m so exited, I can’t wait. I’m having a party at the aquatic centre on friday. Tomorrow I’m going to Celabrtion cakessend out all the envitations . I’m inviting ten people including me and my little brother. The thing I mostly want is money because I want to save up and get a wii or it could go to getting a new bike. If I get twenty dolars from all the kids I would get 160 dollars. and that would be a really go contribuation.

After the party

I had such a great party! And all my friends said they did to but two of them didn’t come for different reasons. I’ll give you a run down of my party. when first got there I was super exicted about it all. Then I went to were we where going to have it and though the room was more then i expect, it was great. My to friends Phil and Danny where in the lobby all redy waiting for me so I told them to put there stuff in the party room. And  then come out and wait with me for the other friends and we ate and had presents then went in to the pool to play!

10 Cool Things To do

blood orange polandeze

This is a post about the different things I like to do. One thing which I like to do it is kind of  a hobby is biking /dirt jumping  and if you don’t know what dirt jumping is here is a link to a post about it dirt jumping.   Another sport I like is football I’m on the junior bantam team and every game I play is so much fun except for the last game of the season the fields were completely flooded and it poring out until the end of the game were we won the play offs. Inside the house I like playing on the computer and talking on my msn. Playing with my puppy Lola is also a fun thing to do because she has so much energy and here’s a link to a post I rote about her and it is called Brand new puppy.  A thing I like to do is Scouts I always have a good time doing scouts because you learn to do so much outdoors stuff and you even get your own pocket knife. Another activity is playing on the Xbox 360 because you can play all sorts of different games and your hands get stronger and cordanated. Going camping is very fun to because  you  get to light fires and chop fire wood you get to do pretty much every thing there is really no rules. Dirt biking is another activity  I like to do because you feel like your flying through the forests or sand pits it is so much fun. Paint balling is fun because you get to shoot paintballs at people and it is if it is a real war.  Going hunting with my dad is really fun because you get walk and explore different places.



Me as a reader


Reading is wonderful for me.  I like all types of adventure books.  From the medieval time till now.  I sometimes go crazy if I don’t get to read as long as I want. I think reading is one of the best things for me.

When I started to read it was around grade one but I didn’t start to read chapter books till about grade four. When I was younger I had troubles with reading, was always behind with reading.

When I read it’s usually in my room. Cozy as a bug. What time I read at is a round 8:30 to 9:30, but my mom yells at me before that. I don’t like it though.

Reading is like an art to me. You can imagine the characters as you want. Even if there is a movie about the book you don’t have to imagine them how they make them in the movie.  In the movie they could have black hair with freckles but you could make them completely different.

    When I read I never want the book to end. And when the series ends I always want more and more and never to stop. It’s like I’m in a reading mode, when it’s only a good book though.

 The books I like to read  are the Eragon series because it’s an endless adventure. I also like the magical series of Harry Potter. Fantasy is the best novels.